Strong winds damage horse rescue in Frankfort, kill mustang

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FRANKFORT, Ind. – Strong winds that swept through central Indiana Thursday night damaged a horse sanctuary in Frankfort and killed one of its horses.

Most of the horses on the property have been abused so the rescue has become a safe haven for these gentle animals.

Volunteers like Patrick Medley work tirelessly to make them stronger because the horses desperately need nourishment.

“They have been abandoned,” said Medley. “They’ve had a rough life.”

They were already skittish because of their past and Thursday’s storm made that even worse. Brenda Foley, another volunteer, came out once it calmed down and found debris scattered throughout the property. Metal scraps tore off the barn’s roof and the wild mustangs’ shelter ripped out of the ground and flipped over.

“It was fear for them because not knowing where each one of them was was my first concern,” Foley said.

Fear sunk in when she and Medley only saw 3 wild mustangs standing in the pasture. The fourth, 30-year-old Flicka, was found dead near the mangled shelter.

“The other three went to that spot and sniffed around and stood there for a little while as if they knew they had lost their friend as well,” Foley said.

Volunteers were emotional and then became stressed about the extensive damage. It totaled near $1,000 and it’s money the non-profit does not have.

“It’s all donations that take care of these animals and there are never enough dollars,” she said.

They are pleading for any help from the community to repair their little safe haven. They are asking for either time, money or supplies.

If you are interested in helping, you can call Indiana Horse Rescue at (765) 605-5790.

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