Student, 17, could be expelled for bringing stun gun to school

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Darnell Young, 17, likes to be called Dynasty. He said the teasing and bullying by other students at Arsenal Tech High School started the first day of class and never let up.

“The more months, the more days that went through the school year, the more it got worse. It was bad,” said the high school junior.

Young said students called him gay slurs, cussed at him and worse, in school and after.

“They threw bottles at me. They threw rocks at me when I was getting off the bus after school. I feel disrespected, because I’m a nice person.”

Eventually Young reached a breaking point and considered suicide. The thought still breaks his mother’s heart.

Through tears Chelisa Grimes explains why, “It’s because these kids are killing themselves. They are.”

“I love my life. I love it. God blessed me with this, and it hurts because I appreciate it and I want to do good,” said Young.

Grimes said after complaining to the school several times, with no results, she armed her son with an electrical self-protection device – commonly known as a stun gun.

On April 16, he used it when he said a group of teens surrounded him in a school hallway.

“I raised it up, and then I pushed the button twice. I think I was going to be hospitalized, because they was going to jump me.”

That day, Young was placed in handcuffs by a district police officer and removed from class. He’s been suspended and could be expelled under the district’s zero tolerance weapons policy.

“I would never apologize for defending my child when the school wouldn’t. My child has the right to go to school and feel safe,” said Grimes.

The district had no comment for this story. Administrators have reached a decision on whether Young will be expelled, and are expected to announce it Tuesday.

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