Review of video shows ‘nothing egregious’ in reported bus assault

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1:30 p.m. – Police and school officials have reviewed videotape of the incident in question. According to them, surveillance footage does show the students taking the victim’s hat and stomping on it.

However, police and school officials said the video could not substantiate the victim’s claims that the other students used a lighter in an attempt to set the teen on fire. Officials said there was “nothing egregious” in the footage.

Original Story: LAWRENCE – A Lawrence North High School student says three classmates attacked him on a bus Monday, burning him with a cigarette lighter.

The 17-year-old victim—who has a learning disability—told investigators that the three students had bothered him before. He said the Monday afternoon incident escalated after one of the attackers took his hat and stomped on it, according to a report from the Lawrence Police Department.

After that, one of the students pulled out a cigarette lighter and tried to burn the teen’s chin. The victim managed to stop that, but the other student persisted, attempting to light the victim’s pants on fire. One of the other students then used a lighter to burn the victim’s left ear, the report said.

According to the report, the investigating officer noticed a “small spot of discoloring on (the victim’s) right pant leg” from the attempt to burn the teen’s pants and saw that the victim’s “left ear was red.” The teen also complained of pain in his ear.

The victim’s guardian told police she wanted to pursue charges against the three students. The victim told police that he informed the bus driver about the incident. Investigators plan to check surveillance video from the bus.

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