Super Bowl Sunday equals a lot of growler sales

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (February 7, 2016) - Industry experts predict Americans will purchase more than 50 million cases of beer on Super Bowl Sunday, but none will be sold in Indiana.

Lawmakers tried again this year to allow alcohol sales on Sunday, but the bill died early in the legislative process.

However, some Hoosiers still needed beer on Sunday afternoon before the big game and many turned to local breweries selling growlers.

“We pretty much train like the athletes do here as they do on the field, because (Super Bowl Sunday) is the busiest carry-out growler day we have hands down," Thr3e Wise Man Brewing General Manager Scott Lewandowski said.

Lewandowski said he reorganized the restaurant to facilitate the traffic of people coming to fill growlers. He said last year the line ran out the door.

“Super bowl elevates (growler sales) to a whole new level because everyone always panics," Lewandowski said.

Josh Tittle was one of those people scrambling at the last minute Sunday afternoon.

"I didn’t get beer this week," Tittle said. "Didn’t plan ahead so limited options on Sunday. Pick up a couple growlers and head to a party.”

“I forgot to get my beer yesterday so I’m picking it up right now," Kelsey Abelein said. “I’m from New York and I’m just  used to being able to pick up beer whenever and it sometimes still slips my mind.”

Lewandowski said he gets all kinds of people with all kinds of stories looking for some beer Super Bowl Sunday.

"You have your craft beer connoisseur who doesn’t even know the Super Bowl is on sometimes or you have people that are you know, 'I got to get in. I got to go. I got places to be,'" he said.

All agree that no matter when or how you get your beer, it's a necessity to watch the big game.

“It’s just part of the Super Bowl man," Tuttle said. "It’s America man that’s the tradition. Right?”

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