GREENWOOD, Ind. — If December 17th is the day you’re finishing your Christmas shopping, you are one of the 158 million Americans expected to shop on “Super Saturday.” It’s not the last Saturday before the holiday, but next week is Christmas Eve!

“I usually start my shopping at Black Friday,” Lacey Jengelbach said while shopping with her Grandma Eunice. “Now I’m just now starting.”

Johnna Hommell is from Florida, and she spoke with us as she braved the Indiana cold to check the rest of her items off her list while visiting family.

“I’m usually prepared but since we’re up here all week I still have some last-minute things that I need to get done,” Hommell said.

The National Retail Federation reports 28% of the 158 million shoppers buying gifts on Saturday will spend their money in stores. That is where you might find Joshua Cichy.

“Hey, I just go in there and I grab what I grab and it ends up being the best gifts,” Cichy told us while out shopping today.

Joshua is like many of us who ask, “what’s the rush?”

“I still have plenty to go,” Joshua said. “I do mine late. I’ll be shopping on Christmas Eve.”

The last-minute shoppers will still have options on Christmas Eve. Most Macy’s locations will be open along with Target, Best Buy and Walmart. Lorraine Cichy, on the other hand, only had to buy one more gift and she was finished.

But, you won’t find her shaming any procrastinators.

“With life, it’s so busy,” Lorraine said. “Work and balancing kids and everything else. You’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do when you can do it.”

If you are hoping to ship Christmas presents to loved ones, here are some deadlines to keep in mind:

  • USPS Ground: December 17
  • FedEx: December 22
  • UPS: December 22

“When we say December 22 we stand by that and we’re pretty confident in our ability to get the packages delivered on time,” Jon Fogle, a Business Manager with UPS, said.