Surveillance images show vehicle involved in bus battery thefts

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HENDRICKS COUNTY – Investigators released surveillance pictures of a vehicle involved in the theft of school bus batteries early Monday morning.

Mill Creek School Corporation canceled classes Monday after thieves stole batteries. School officials realized they didn’t have enough functioning buses to take students to class.

About 17 batteries, worth approximately $130 each, were estimated missing from six buses. The vandals also clipped and destroyed the cables that connect the batteries, which will add to the cost of repairs.

“Thefts like these–the batteries–we do have occurrences of these quite often.  But not six of them, or six buses hit at the same time. We’ve not had anything like that recently,” said Lt. Jim Yetter from the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department.

“One thing is the money, because it’s probably going to be probably $4,000 to replace those batteries,” said Yetter.

School officials said all the batteries have been replaced and added that school will be in session Tuesday.

The batteries were stolen around 1 a.m. Monday. The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department said surveillance footage showed images of a silver car involved in the thefts but didn’t capture images of the suspects.

“It would seem to me that it would take some time to get a vehicle there, to load these batteries up and to get away without anybody spotting them,” Yetter said.

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