Surveillance video captures murder suspects in the act

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INDIANAPOLIS – In the grainy nighttime surveillance video, three men are seen skulking up the side of 3507 North Sherman Drive, the home of Jason Lacey.

One is armed with a rifle and the trio scatters for a moment before returning. Minutes later, Lacey is dead.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Homicide detectives have released the video in the hopes of identifying his killers.

“Sometimes our detectives kind of hit a wall and they need some information,” said Lt. Chris Bailey with IMPD. “They need help from the public.”

But investigators have already received help from those who knew Lacey, his business and his friends—especially one who has made himself scarce in the weeks since the killing.

“He grew up in this neighborhood with all the other guys,” said Brigitte Lacey, the victim’s mother.

“All these young men grew up together,” said father Wayne Lacey. “From a young age up, so it was a real big surprise that this would happen to him.”

Detectives have evidence that Lacey was involved in the marijuana trade, and suspect he was targeted on the morning of May 21.

“They came with a purpose,” said Bailey. “We just don’t know what that purpose is. We would like to find out. This wasn’t a random act. We believe it was planned and premeditated.”

Despite his criminal record, and maybe the drug involvement that possibly cost him his life, Jason Lacey was known as a good guy in his neighborhood.

“This neighborhood wasn’t the best, but he made it the best that he could,” said seventh-grader Elijah Lacey, Lacey’s son. “You could pretty much say he was the role model around here. The head of the neighborhood. The big guy who put everybody back in line when they acted up. He acted as a father to every kid around, not just to me.”

Investigators think Lacey was lured out of his home, after protecting his girlfriend by telling her to stay in the center of the house. Stepping out the back door, possibly armed himself, Lacey was cut down by gunfire. At least nine bullet holes peppered his garage and back porch windows.

“My son was a good guy. It shouldn’t have happened like this,” said Wayne Lacey. “There’s a lot of trouble up here. A lot of young men lost their lives up here. Just never thought it would be him. You never know until it knocks on your door.”

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