Surveillance video shows chaos of east side shootout


UPDATE: The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) released the identity of the officer involved in Sunday’s shooting at Pleasant Run Parkway. On Friday, IMPD Chief Randal Taylor announced 19-year veteran Marshall Berkebile as the officer.

INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD detectives continue to review evidence of Sunday’s shootout at an East Washington Street apartment complex that left three people wounded, one of them an alleged gunman shot by an IMPD officer.

FOX59 News has viewed surveillance video of the incident that clearly shows gunfire and a wounded woman falling to the ground before officers fire on and arrest the alleged gunman.

IMPD reported that a social media dispute escalated to two groups of women confronting each other at the apartments in the 4500 block of Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive shortly before noon.

The groups were armed with guns, pepper spray, scissors and a metal pipe.

Surveillance video observed by FOX59 News shows a group of women inside the F building at the complex, one of them armed with a handgun.

As the verbal dispute continues, the woman raises the gun and fires it, reportedly striking another woman who witnesses said fled northbound through the parking lot toward East Washington Street.

On the video an older woman can be seen turning to the younger woman with the gun and appearing to berate her while in the distance on a sidewalk a man in a red sweatshirt pulls a gun and fires at the older woman, striking her in the chest.

The view from another exterior surveillance camera shows two IMPD officers cautiously approaching the scene just seconds before the gunfire erupts.

Upon the second shot by the man in the red sweatshirt, the crowd scatters and the officers advance on the gunman who has retreated to a Chevrolet Impala backed into a parking space near the shooting scene.

Almost immediately upon the man’s retreat to his car, one officer opens fire, leaving five bullet holes in the windshield.

“As officers approached the vehicle, they gave verbal commands,” reads an IMPD statement that was released this afternoon. “Person #1 pointed a weapon at the officers. One officer fired his weapon at person #1, striking him.”

After the gunman was subdued, an officer tended to the wounded woman on the stoop of F building.

Minutes later the surveillance video shows the officers removing the alleged gunman from the car and walking him away in handcuffs.

All three wounded persons were transported to the hospital in stable condition.

The man faces a preliminary charge of aggravated assault.

Two guns were recovered and the man and the woman who were spotted on the surveillance video firing those weapons were both arrested.

No names have yet been released.

“I believe the cops handled the whole situation amazingly well and people are safe because of it. None of my tenants got shot. None of my buildings got shot,” said Chad Smothers, Property Manager of Parkway Terrace Apartments. “It was pretty dangerous for them for the time when they stepped in because they were pretty much in the middle of a crossfire. There was someone with a gun who had already used it and shot someone from inside the apartments and when they showed up they were pretty much in between when the first shot happened.

“The way that they were able to identify the threat and neutralize him without killing him and no extra shots and not getting injured themselves and being able to make sure everyone else around them was safe, my tenants were safe, they made sure everyone went inside, they didn’t overdo anything. I believe it was almost miraculous that no one was killed.”

Smothers said the property has 76 surveillance cameras and the owners have spent one million dollars upgrading the 76 units in 12 buildings on the site while evictions of troublesome tenants have brought a sense of calm to the complex.

“Yesterday was definitely unusual. Based on the last two years I been here when I first got here it was pretty rough around this area there’s been a lot of improvements going on.”

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