Survivors share story of escape and heroism in cabin fire that killed man, boy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Apr 13, 2014) — Searchers in Tennessee are still looking for an Indianapolis boy who is presumed dead after a cabin fire near Knoxville, Tenn.

The family of Tyveon Temple, 5, was with more than 20 other family members and friends at a vacation cabin when the fire broke out. Ricky Hudson, 56, also died while he and an uncle were catching people jumping from a third floor of the cabin.

Family members spoke with FOX59 about the boy and the bravery of their two loved ones who helped save everyone.

“The last time he left me, I gave him a big hug and I didn’t get to see him before he left,” said Lashayna Brown, Tyveon Temple’s mother. “I didn’t get to hug my baby. I didn’t get to tell him I love him.”

“We don’t have nothing else, and I don’t even got my little brother with me no more,” said Tynisha Brown, Tyveon’s sister.

At a vigil held in Indianapolis Sunday afternoon, family grieved and remembered their loved ones lost.

“He was so smart with a big attitude, little body, but a big attitude. Very intelligent young man, five years old, but very intelligent,” said Brown.

Tynisha Brown recalls her final moments with her brother.

“We were asleep, then we heard someone yell fire,” recalled Tynisha. “When we heard someone yelling fire, we all got out of the beds and we ran upstairs. When we ran upstairs, the fire was coming our way so we had to run to the balcony.”

As the flames spread, windows were breaking while the bravery of Uncle’s Ricky and Danny took over.

“Uncle Danny told us to jump down because Uncle Ricky was already down there, and when he had got out, I guess he cut his arm. He was trying to help everybody down, he was catching people when they were jumping down,” said Tynisha.

Everyone did get out, except one.

“We thought it was Tyveon, but it wasn’t him, and everybody asked where’s Tyveon at, and then when everybody said where’s Tyveon at,” said Tynisha. “Uncle Ricky passed out because we thought we had him, and it wasn’t him.”

Now, the family is only left with memories and a plea for closure.

“I was just playing with him before all this happened,” Tynisha said. “He was sitting in my lap and I was playing with him.”

“We want answers right now, right now we want answers,” said Rita Harris, Tyveon’s grandmother.

The family is desperate to find out what caused the fire. At last check, it does not appear intentional, but the investigation does continue.

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