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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A man wanted in connection with a pair of attacks on women downtown is now in police custody.

According to Indianapolis Metropolitan police, Anthony Jones, 25, was located and arrested early Sunday morning. Marion County sheriff’s deputies apprehended him around 2 a.m. on charges including sexual assault and robbery.

Police believe Jones was responsible for a pair of attacks just hours apart on May 22. Just before 9 a.m., officers were called to the 400 block of East Ohio Street in response to an assault. A woman said she’d parked in the garage at 101 North New Jersey Street and exited the garage onto East Street. While she was walking along the road, she saw Jones bent over and tying his shoe.

When she opened the door to the apartment building, she said he walked in and got on the elevator with her. He said he was going to the same floor as she was and then grabbed her buttocks as she exited the elevator.

At 10:43 a.m. on the same day, officers were again called to the same parking garage in response to a robbery. A woman said she was walking to her car when a man grabbed her buttocks before choking her and sexually assaulting her.

That attack also started in the elevator, according to court documents. The woman said Jones took her by the throat after he grabbed her and she told him not to touch her. She screamed for help, but Jones pushed her down the stairwell and said he’d killer her if she didn’t stop screaming.

After shoving her down the stairs, he sexually assaulted her and said she looked “pretty.”

Jones allegedly asked for her keys, but told her to walk to the car with him. He held on to her tightly during the walk, she said. As they walked on a ramp, the victim began to scream for help again. This time, Jones reportedly released her and ran, taking her cell phone, pills and Apple Watch before leaving.

Police said the description of the suspect in both attacks matched, leading them to Jones. Police detained him on May 23, but he denied being involved in the attacks and said he’d been released from jail on May 11.