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GREENWOOD, Ind. – Police in Greenwood are investing after they say a man shot a woman inside a home and then exchanged gunfire with police.

Officers were called to the 300 block of Legacy Blvd., near E. Main St. and County Road 200 E, around 10:30 a.m.

A 55-year-old woman inside the home was shot, and police say the suspect — now identified as 43-year-old Randy A. Sutt — would not drop his weapon when commanded. He exchanged fire with officers, and police originally said Sutt was shot, but they now report that no one was struck by the bullets.

“Everybody in this neighborhood is in complete shock,” said neighbor Josh Bennett.

Bennett lives across the street and saw the gunman, who police say worked as a correctional officer in Plainfield, exchange gunfire with officers then retreat back into his home.

“He definitely wasn’t in his right mind. He walked to the front door several times,” said Bennett.

Josh shared a video of the suspect surrendering after talking to a police negotiator.

“He did this.  Put his hands up.  He wanted to make sure he didn’t get shot.  He threw a pistol on the ground,” said Bennett.

With the alleged gunman in custody, police discovered a 55-year-old woman shot in the head in an upstairs bathroom.

Police believe that victim is the fiancee of the shooter’s brother and the family had been sheltering in place together because someone in the home had contracted symptoms of COVID-19.

“Everyone was reporting they had COVID-19 in the house, so the detectives and everyone are taking extra precautions,” said Greenwood Police assistant chief Matthew Fillenwarth.

So far the motive for the shooting remains under investigation, but with a stay at home order in place across the state, Greenwood police have seen a rise in domestic violence.

“You know it’s kind of like Christmas.  You get the family all stuck together and tensions flare.  I don’t know if that’s what caused this,” said Fillenwarth.

“What caused him to shoot his family member in the head I do not know,” said Bennett.  “All I can only tell you what I saw, but what I saw was scary.”

Sutt was arrested and booked into the Johnson County Jail on initial charges of attempted murder and criminal recklessness

The woman was taken to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, where she was listed in critical condition and on life support. Tuesday morning, police announced she passed away. An autopsy is pending.

Greenwood police say they are working with the prosecutor to get a murder charge filed against Sutt.

No officers were injured.

Greenwood police said Sutt, a former Plainfield correctional officer, lived there with his brother.

Police also said someone in the home has COVID-19, so extra precautions are being put in place for that as the investigation continues.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A former version of this story stated that Sutt is a current Plainfield correctional officer. The Indiana D.O.C. clarified that Sutt last worked for them in 2018.