HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — Following a massive federal raid on dog fighting operations in Marion County, more dogs are showing up at local shelters.

Some of those dogs are believed to be former bait dogs commonly used in fighting.

A local animal advocate found one of these dogs along the Hendricks-Marion county line and named him Eli. He was rushed to a clinic where he is now being cared for.

“This dog was found dumped along the Hendricks line, so I drove over, and there he was. Chewed up and very swollen,” said Dawn, who works as a surgery vet tech.

Eli was covered in what appeared to be bite marks, deep wounds, and gashes when found. Animal advocates say these are signs of a bait dog.

“These are nice dogs that are not fighters; their sole purpose is to allow a fighting dog to practice for just target practice,” said Rebecca Stevens, president and CEO at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. “They’re very adaptable. These are nice dogs in a horrible situation.”

Though Eli and others are recovering, they still have a long road ahead. The goal is to treat this little buddy and find him a good home.

“I think his healing process began the day that Dawn and the amazing clinic took him in. He received life-saving care, or he wouldn’t be here,” said Stevens.