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ANDERSON, Ind. – Family and friends gathered to honor the life of David Philips, who was murdered and left in the woods in Anderson.

Now, four people face murder charges in connection to his death, as well as another homicide in Grant County.

We spoke with Daniel Jones from jail, the man witnesses say is responsible for both murders.

“The truth does not fear investigation,” said Jones.

Jones sits confidently in a jail jumpsuit at the Madison County Jail, facing murder charges in connection to two open homicide cases.

“Did you kill David Phillips and Trinity Parker? That is not me I’m not a killer. I’m not a snitch,” said Jones.

But, police believe otherwise, after a witness identified Jones as the shooter in the two murders in two different counties. Investigators found the bodies of David Phillips and Trinity Parker this week.

“If I was going to do something like that, I would not have anyone with me and I would not leave anyone alive,” said Jones.

Jones along with Taylor Wheeler, Brittney Vontress, and Jordan Zirkle…all face murder charges. Two of the suspects told us Jones is the killer.

“These three are going to realize what they have done, and they are going to come to terms with it and it will come out what they did …if they done it,” said Jones.

Jones will not say who fired the gunshots that killed the two victims, but he does admit he saw David out on the trail with Zirkle the night he was murdered.

“We went down the same trail and I went off my way and they went off their way. Did you hear any gunshots? I did not pay attention. I went down an expert level 6 trail I do not know where they went,” said

“My family knows me. They know that I’m not going to sit here and lie even to save my own ass,” said Jones.

Official charges are expected to be filed Friday. All four suspects remain behind bars at the Madison County Jail.