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ARANSAS PASS, Texas – Police say four people held a man hostage at gunpoint, but they did something very peculiar when they were finished questioning him. They offered him a grilled cheese sandwich.

A victim called the Aransas Pass Police Department around 6 p.m. on Sunday to report that he was held against his will, according to The News of San Patricio.

The victim told police he worked with three of the four suspects. They held him at gunpoint for several hours, searched his phone, and demanded answers about a work-related issued.

When the suspects decided to release the man, they offered him a grilled cheese for his troubles, The News of San Patricio reports.

Aransas Pass police arrested Thomasine Radford, 24, Jamison Nejezchleb, 26, Jeremy Radford, 33, and William Swan, 31. They were charged with aggravated kidnapping.

Jamison Nejezchleb, Jeremy Radford, William Swan, Thomasine Radford (Aransas Pass Police Department)