Syrian-Americans react to pause in Syria strike vote

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A group of Syrian-Americans in Central Indiana closely watched the President’s speech Tuesday night, as he called on Congress to hold off on a vote authorizing a military strike in Syria. President Obama wants to see if an emerging diplomatic option can work first.

The president has said he wants to take military action against the current Assad regime for using chemical weapons on its citizens.

Fadwa Abbosh, a Syrian-American immigrant living in McCordsville, said she was relieved to hear the president pause for diplomatic talks.

“I’m kind of glad that now he’s talking about diplomacy – getting all these countries together and try to do something without losing any more human beings,” said Abbosh.

She moved to the U.S. about 37 years ago and raised a family in Central Indiana. However, she still has a lot of relatives overseas and is concerned for their safety.

“I have brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews,” said Abbosh.

She keeps in touch with them through Skype and phone calls and said, lately, their conversations paint a terrifying picture about the situation there.

“When I talk to them on Skype, I can hear the missiles and the fighting either on the phone or on Skype,” she recalled. “And you always think, ‘Okay is this the last time I’m going to be talking to them?'”

Abbosh fears any military action by the U.S. will result in war and her family will suffer even more. She believes a more diplomatic approach will work.

“Peace is the answer. With negotiation everything can be solved,” she said.

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