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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- The future of President Trump’s travel ban may be uncertain, but that is not keeping refugees in Indianapolis from living their lives. Sunday morning at Meridian Street United Methodist Church, the community was offered a chance to hear from some Syrian refugee families who fled war zones to start a new life.

Marwan Batman came to Indianapolis from Syria two years ago, fleeing the war- ravaged country for a better life in the U.S. Through a translator, he says it’s been better than he expected.

“We have been able to mix with the people here in Indiana very easily and our children have learned the language in their schools and we’re very happy to be here,” said Batman.

“It’s important to simply know your neighbors, wherever they may be from,” said Pastor Matt Landry.

As President, Trump has sought to limit the number of refugees admitted to the U.S., citing the need for enhanced border security. So far, those efforts have been put on hold twice by federal judges. Organizers here say in most cases, refugees share the same concerns as many Americans.

“These people are actually fleeing the terrorism that we fear here as well,” said Nora Basha, of the Syrian Refugee Support Group of Indianapolis.