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INDIANAPOLIS – You’re at home and someone breaks in.  Do you know what to do?

FBI numbers show a home invasion happens every 15 seconds. Authorities say more and more break-ins happen in broad daylight when people are at home.

If someone breaks in when you’re at home do you know what to do?

You have to react.  And whether you have a gun or not, what you do in that split second could determine if you or your family survive.

“That should be a wake up call for all of us. We have to be proactive for our own security. You have to  be proactive and take an active stance for the protection of  your home and family.  Even in good neighborhoods, in really good neighborhoods it happens all the time,” Co-Owners of Native Executive Security Jonathan and Natalia Wallace said.

FOX59 shows you how to prepare for the unthinkable and how to react if someone breaks in while you’re at home.

This kind of training isn’t just for police or secret service.

It’s the lifesaving skills and drills most people don’t know is available and training every family needs to see.

Native Executive Security trains families, businesses and schools. You can check out more information on them here.