Take an inside look at the tornado damage at Beech Grove High School

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BEECH GROVE, Ind. – Winds up to 100 mph tossed debris all over Beech Grove and the cleanup process is just beginning. Beech Grove High School is one of the hardest hit areas from the weekend’s tornado.

Construction crews were out with school officials on campus to assess the damage. Superintendent Dr. Paul Kaiser was hearing more than 20 classrooms were damaged or destroyed.

They were focusing on structural damage inside Enrichment Building and Science Academy. The main concern is safety.

In some rooms, entire portions of the roof were ripped off. Pieces of the ceiling were hanging down and the floors were soaked.

“We had the Beech Grove Grand Prix which was scheduled for Sunday so we had trailers and people all over campus,” said Kaiser.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Repairing the damage will be a big job before school starts again on July 31.

“We will start school is some capacity or the other,” he said.

They plan to start sending out weekly updates to families very soon. Construction crews expect the damage will cost millions but they are still working to determine an exact number.

A few minutes away from the high school on Monday, Beech Grove DPW crews were cleaning up tree limbs in neighborhoods.

“Kind of a shock,” said Marcus Puyle, a DPW employee. “The last time I remember a tornado in town is when I was in high school back in 2002.”

It was a big surprise to Hoyett Skaggs too who lived a few houses down. He has been without power since Saturday night. He was in his living room with his son Paul when the tornado came through.

“Roof was gone and water was pouring in,” said Skaggs.

The ceiling caved in with soaked insulation. He was thankful he was in another room at the time.

“I am thankful because through it all, nobody got hurt,” he said.

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