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INDIANAPOLIS — With the COVID-19 public health emergency likely extending into a new year and medical groups pleading for more people to get COVID-19 vaccine shots, we decided to take a look into the data to see who is getting vaccinated, and where the state is experiencing troubles.

As of the latest report from the Indiana State Department of Health, 3,496,948 people have gotten their first dose of a two-dose series, 3,180,127 people got the second shot and 266,771 people decided to go with the single-dose series.

Of those who are fully vaccinated through the two-dose series, those who are white, female and over the age of 50.

The Indiana Hospital Association, Indiana State Medical Association and Indiana State Nurses Association said more vaccinations are needed to relieve pressure on the state’s health care system.

In a statement, the organizations stressed that patients have more complex conditions than before the pandemic and have longer lengths of stay. In addition, emergency room visits are on the rise, which puts further strain on the system.

COVID-19 hospitalizations are rising dramatically in Indiana, increasing 66% over the past three weeks and approaching 75% of the peak of the pandemic Indiana faced last November. In addition to the rapid increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations, in which the vast majority are unvaccinated, hospitals are caring for more critically ill patients than ever before. Clinical data indicates that patients have more complex conditions than before the pandemic and have longer lengths of stay. In addition, emergency room visits are on the rise, which puts further strain on the system. Should the current trends continue, everyone in need of health care could be impacted. We urge all Hoosiers who have not yet received a vaccine or who are eligible to get a booster to do so before winter arrives to ensure a hospital bed is available for all in need. The COVID-19 vaccine has proven to be safe and effective at reducing hospitalizations and death and the best way to reduce your risk of serious illness and protect your friends and family is to get vaccinated before gathering for the holidays.

Joint statement between Indiana Hospital Association, Indiana State Medical Association, and Indiana State Nurses Association

Dr. Shaun Grannis, vice president of data and analytics at Regenstrief, said they are seeing some stark data when it comes to hospitalizations and deaths.

“99% of all hospitalizations are among unvaccinated individuals. 99% of all deaths related to COVID are among unvaccinated individuals,” Dr. Grannis said. “I think that that data is pretty stark and pretty clear in terms of what the opportunities are here.”

The Indiana COVID-19 vaccination dashboard shows that there have been 1,567 hospitalizations and 829 deaths associated with COVID-19 among those who are fully vaccinated.

While only .045% of fully vaccinated people were hospitalized, this makes up 1.73% of all hospitalizations associated with COVID-19. Likewise, while only .024% of fully vaccinated people died due to breakthrough cases of COVID-19, this makes up 0.08% of all deaths associated with COVID-19.

Indiana has the nation’s 11th lowest rate for a fully vaccinated population at 50.6%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Data from the Indiana State Department of Health shows populations under the age of 35 have the highest disparities when it comes to vaccinated population vs the total population for that age group. On the other hand, almost 86% of the population group 70-74 are fully vaccinated.

To schedule an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine, visit Ourshot.In.Gov or call 211 if you do not have access to a computer or require assistance.