Target gets hacked, puts 40 million shoppers at risk

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 19, 2013)– There’s a holiday Grinch out to steal Christmas.

If you’ve swiped your card at Target stores in the past couple of weeks your private information could now be in the hands of hackers. Target Corp said hackers could have data from 40 million shoppers who visited their stores from Black Friday through Dec. 15.

The company says it now has a handle on the matter and is investigating.  In the meantime shoppers are encouraged to keep a close eye on their bank accounts for any strange transactions and also check your credit report.  Abby Kuzma, Director of Consumer Protection with the Attorney Generals office suggests freezing your credit just to be safe.

“Absolutely act immediately. Also you want to look at your credit report to make sure nothing is going on because if they’re creating new credit cards they’re going to be charging somewhere. You can sign up for a security freeze which is a credit freeze. Which is a really good idea in a situation like this. What it does is it freezes your credit.”

If you notice any strange transactions on your account contact your bank immediately and also change your pin numbers.

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