INDIANAPOLIS — The Teamsters Local 135 Union has moved closer towards staging a strike against Sysco Indianapolis.

According to a release by the local union, the vote was held on March 12 in response to failed negotiations over new terms for a contract between the global food distribution company and warehouse workers and drivers in Indianapolis.

The vote, which passed unanimously, authorizes the union to follow certain measures, including the possibility of hosting a strike.

Sysco Indianapolis’ contract with Teamsters Local Union 135 expired on March 3 and no agreement could be reached on terms for a new contract. The union is advocating for higher wages and benefits.

“Sysco Indianapolis has, and will continue, to bargain in good faith with Teamsters Local 135. We have not reached an agreement to date due to the unreasonable demands by the union leadership,” a Sysco spokesperson said. “We respect our driver and warehouse colleagues and deeply appreciate their contributions to our business. That’s why we intend to provide competitive pay and benefits for our colleagues while balancing the needs of our business and customers.”

Sysco’s Indianapolis distribution center employs over 150 teamsters. The center is responsible for providing equipment and supplies for the food service and hospitality industries.