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MUNCIE, Ind. – Your smartphones could be making you fat. One Ball State University researcher says one way to stay healthy over the holidays is to put the phone down and get moving.

But, this could have multiple benefits. If you put the phone down that will allow you to spend more quality time with family.

Gathering around the table to give thanks and eating a meal as a family. Sounds like a traditional Thanksgiving, but these days, there’s more than food at the table…the invasion of gadgets.

“I think we’re gonna be on our phones together looking at memes and posts together so I think we’re going to be on it even at dinner time. Not the whole meal but for part of it,” phone lover Kimberly Ostiller said.

A Ball State University researcher looked at a thousand people around Muncie. Professor Khubchandani found people are spending more than two hours a day watching TV and using smart phones or other technology. And the results are unhealthy across the board.

“And it becomes a vicious cycle. The more you sit and use phones and computers the more likely you’re gaining weight, and then the more likely you are depressed, you stay lonely and continue to gain weight,” Professor Khubchandani said.

Whoa, weight gain and depression? Not good, but people we found say they just can’t break away from their phones even during family time.

“Do you think you’re going to be able to put down your smartphone and interact with your family during thanksgiving? FOX59 asked holiday grocery shoppers.

“Hmm I don’t think. I don’t know. I’m going to try to but I doubt it,” Stacey Jones said.

Kimberly and her mother say they’re pretty close to their technology but they’re up for a challenge.

“So I think this thanksgiving we should put it down, enjoy some quality family time and leave it at that,” Patricia Ostiller said.

The professor says use family time as a way to get active during the holiday. Like getting out and walking around the mall or signing up for local holiday run-walks.