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INDIANAPOLIS – Police say a teen boy allegedly attempting to rob someone died after a shooting early Monday morning near the Canal Walk in downtown Indianapolis.

The shooting occurred just after 2 a.m. at 330 West Walnut near a playground and the USS Indianapolis Memorial.

Police say Curtis White Jr. was allegedly attempting to rob someone when he was shot and killed. The suspected shooter was carrying a weapon legally, called 911 and stayed on the scene to cooperate with the investigation.

“It’s a painful thing to swallow when he’s only 14,” said Anthoney Hampton.

Curtis White Jr. was Anthoney Hampton’s grandson.   Earlier this month the family filed a police report after the teen ran away from home.

“This wasn’t a parent mismanaging their child.  The child wouldn’t stay home,” said Hampton.  “The criminal element, the guns and the money, that’s what he was attracted to.”

Anthoney admits his grandson died making a poor decision.

“Curtis has a large family, but he didn’t want the love from his family.  He wanted the love from the streets,” said Hampton.

The homicide marked the second time in 24 hours someone was shot on the same part of the canal.  Early Sunday morning a large disturbance led to a woman being shot and wounded in the leg.

“Honestly it’s scary because we walk this canal all the time,” said neighbor Ryan Combs who lives near the scene.

The violence left some visitors on the canal during the day debating whether more police are needed in the area at night.

“I mean if they have the officers for a nighttime patrol, that would be fantastic,” said Combs.

“I think there’s a lot of research that a larger police presence is not going to take down homicides,” said downtown resident Milo Ellis.

For his part, Anthoney hopes his grandson’s homicide serves as a lesson to other young people.

“Once you lose your life, it’s over.  There’s no coming back .  They don’t realize the consequences,” said Hampton.

The shootings took place next to a mobile surveillance unit run by IMPD.  Police have not said if the cameras show either of the two shootings.