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INDIANAPOLIS (April 10, 2014) – A teen murder suspect didn’t have much to say about his role in the shooting death of a young father-to-be in court Thursday.

When asked by FOX59 about the fatal shooting, Simeon Adams, 16, laughed and smiled before his initial hearing in the case Thursday.  The teenager is charged as an adult in the murder of 24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano, who was shot and killed on April 1.

During the initial hearing, Adams refused to sign basic paperwork, insisting his attorney be present.  He plans on being represented by a private attorney.

Adams also faces charges in the March 30 shooting of Erick Douglas, just two days before Trapuzzano was killed.  Court documents also link Adams to a theft at a west side gun store on March 22 in which about 30 guns were stolen.  Preliminary results show the same gun that killed Trapuzzano was also used in the March 30 shooting of Douglas.

Adams is being housed with adults in the Marion County Jail. A review of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reports shows he has a lengthy juvenile criminal history, including arrests on four fleeing and resisting charges, three times with stolen vehicles, twice for burglary and theft and twice with handguns, one of them stolen.

Adams could face up to 130 years in prison if convicted on all charges.  His next court appearance is scheduled for May 2, with trial date set for June 2.

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