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INDIANAPOLIS – A central Indiana teenager is working to become one of the few female Eagle Scouts. Of the 27 merit badges on Maura Sparks’ uniform, the crime prevention badge was the first one she earned. 

“I’ve always been interested in true crime and I want to go into law enforcement when I’m older. So, I was trying to find something unique”, said Maura Sparks, a senior at Franklin Central High School.

For Maura Sparks’ Eagle Scout project instead of doing something like building a bench or bridge, the 17-year-old picked something different.   

“I know community crime prevention and with the crime in Indiana that’s been happening lately it’s a really hard topic,” said Sparks.

The high school senior invited eight guests from law enforcement officers to community leaders, all discussed crime in Indianapolis and ways to put a stop to it.

“My main goal was to show people there are initiatives being taken to show crime prevention and community crime prevention in our society,” said Sparks.

Sparks spent more than 100 hours planning this discussion. A big focus of the nearly two hour long recording was on Crime Stoppers and how people can come forward anonymously with information on a case.

As Indianapolis is on pace for a record-breaking year in homicides, the message Sparks heard a lot from our city leaders is that it takes an entire community, including teenagers to make a change.

“When it’s coming from a youth it can set a spark. We can do something because a lot of youth think we can’t,” said Sparks.

So far, the recording Sparks posted on social media has more than 2,000 views.  She hopes it helps her become an Eagle Scout and in someway helps the city she calls home become a safer place.

“We are a team and we are here to support each other no matter what,” said Sparks.

Sparks will present her Eagle Scout project in mid-September.  If she receives her Eagle Scout ranking, she will be the first female Eagle Scout in her district.