Teenagers steal and crash van from a local mother of four


INDIANAPOLIS — Teenagers were caught on camera stealing a van from a mother of four, and totaling the vehicle in a crash after a short joy ride. Now, the owner is getting stuck with a hefty bill.

“I hope that I can come up with a new car and get enough money to give my kids a Christmas,” says victim Michele Jackson.

It happened on East Caven street. Jackson took five months off from work to care for her sick daughter and had only been back to work for two days when she noticed her car was gone. The next day she called an impound lot, only to find out it had been totaled on East street.

“I’m out a vehicle, and I have no way to get my kids to school,” explains Jackson.

Her surveillance cameras showed teenagers stealing the car. Due to her time off work, her car insurance fell off when she couldn’t make her last payments. Now she is out more than $21,000 on the loan for the vehicle.

“I thought once I started working again, I could pay my insurance,” regrets Jackson, “They have broke into about 25 other people’s cars in the last three days.”

Neighbors have been giving Jackson an array of surveillance video from those other suspected incidents, and she says that footage has been turned over to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The day after the car was stolen, Jackson’s daughter was back in the hospital. She has been dealing with severe respiratory issues.

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