‘Thank you for being a (breakfast) friend’: ‘Golden Girls’ get their own cereal


Image via Funko/CNN

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You can start your morning with Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia.

A new cereal from toy company Funko pays tribute to the classic sitcom Golden Girls. The box shows each of the characters lovingly recreated in Funko’s signature style.

Each box of the blue multigrain cereal comes with a collectible figurine from the company. The back of the FunkO’s package features a maze and a message for fans:

Hey Kids, remember what it was like to sit in front of the TV on Saturday morning and watch cartoons while eating your favorite cereal?! Well, Funko does! So we’re bringing back Saturday morning to kids of all ages with our new sugar toasted FunkO’s! And remember, always have Fun!

The cereal is being sold at select Target stores and some online outlets—although an online search showed they were in short supply.

The cereal retails for $8. You can find boxes on eBay for a premium price.

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