The 18th annual Indianapolis Marathon will be a wet one

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Light rain will be falling for this morning’s race

Fall up and downs continue today with cooler (down) temperatures expected for today.  Light rain has already arrived this morning to the area and will continue for some communities through about 2 pm.  While we start off with some rain today it won’t be all bad as sun will at least peak out from behind the clouds late this afternoon.  The Indianapolis marathon is ran this morning and it will be a sloppy one with the light rain and mist sticking around for runners.

Overnight tonight we will see the clouds clear out which will allow us to see chilly temperatures to start your Sunday.  Sunday will be warmer (ups) with highs returning to the 60s.  We are forecasting a high of 63 for Sunday with Monday likely being just as warm with temperatures in the mid-60s again.  A late day front will slide through on Monday bringing cooler weather with it.  Tuesday will be cool (down) with highs in the low 50s.  Temperatures will continue to cool through Wednesday with Wednesday highs of just 47 degrees.  There will be a slight chance for rain on Wednesday and we could even see a flake or two of snow.  That’s crazy right?  I looked up last year’s first day of flurries and it happened on September 21st!  That was the first day of fall.

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