CARMEL, Ind. – The 50th annual Greek Fest kicks off this weekend and the heat is on.

While guests and vendors alike are eager to have a great time, there are concerns for people out in this heat.

Organizers say they’re taking extra precautions by having cooling areas to help keep everyone safe.

“I do the logistics from the kitchen to the point of service here outside. I’ve been doing it for about 12 years now,” said volunteer Ernie Mudis.

Mudis is one of many volunteers braving the heat. He takes multiple breaks to keep from getting too hot.

“So, I’m using a timer to remind me to drink water, and when to take preempted Advil,” said Mudis.

The 50th Annual Greek Fest is known for its authentic Greek cuisine, fresh pastries, and wines.

“So typically, we have eight thousand participants that come through the doors today and tomorrow,” said Lenie Tsakonas, marketing director of Greek Fest.

The festival is being held at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, which is located at 3500 W. 106th Street in Carmel.

And despite the heat, crowds still are turning out.

“So, we’re recommending everyone stay super hydrated. We have tents you can sit under and cool off, misters, and emergency services on campus,” said Tsakonas.

She says if you need to cool off, you can find water, misting stations, and tents set up on the grounds.

And if any participants need assistance, they’ll have them covered.

“Our volunteers are trained to be on the lookout for any heat issues or health issues. And people can flag down any law enforcement or EMS on campus,” said Tsakonas.

“We will have an ambulance staffed by two Carmel firefighters. They will be here if somebody needs urgent treatment and to get to a hospital as fast as possible,” said Aaron Perry, head of safety and security of Greek Fest.

Greek Fest is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday.