The case of the stolen gummy bears: How a 20-pound bag of candy helped Chicago PD catch thief

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CHICAGO, Ill. — Chicago police used a stolen 20-pound bag of gummy bears to help them catch a man suspected of breaking into a brewery three times in less than three weeks.

Midwest Coast Brewing Company in Chicago was burglarized on February 28, March 3, and March 19.

The burglar stole money, tools, pallets, food, and a 20-pound bag of Albanese Confectionery Gummy Bears that the cellarman brought with him to work.

The gummy bears were stolen during the first burglary, but because everything else that was stolen was high-value, it was an after thought.

Owner Cameron Compton and his wife offhandedly mentioned the stolen bag of gummy bears to police after the burglary on March 19, and it piqued their interest.

It turns out, officers arrested someone on March 1 for breaking into a nearby business, and the suspect had a mostly-eaten bag of gummy bears with him.

Police brought in the gummy bears they confiscated from him. There was a distinct “A” on the gummy bears, and the cellerman confirmed they were indeed the same ones stolen from him.

That’s when police knew exactly who the thief was. Terrence Cole, 55, was arrested that same day on March 19 and charged with burglary.

The stolen bag go gummy bears were never returned because they’re considered evidence, but they were the inspiration behind Midwest Coast Brewing Company’s newest beer. They named it the “Gummy Bandit.”

Photo of new Gummy Bandit beer, credit Midwest Coast Brewing Company

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