BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — After two years without fans the famous Little 500 returns this week to Indiana University’s Bloomington campus.

The annual tradition has been void of cheer due for the past two years due to COVID-19 restrictions. On Friday, the women took to the course before a packed house at Bill Armstrong Stadium.

IU seniors were seeing their final race on campus, and first Little 500 since their freshman year.

“Its been pretty sad honestly, just waiting on something that is a cool part of IU,” IU senior Drew Alexander said. “No other school has this, so it’s awesome that it’s back.”

“I like hanging out with people, and connecting with people I’m around,” added Alexander’s roommate Tim Sprout.

“Not having it was a downer for the Spring semester, but it’s good to be back,” continued senior Isabella Knable.

On a beautiful 80 degree day, students said it was a great return to normal.

“I actually rode last year. I am the student coach for Army Cycling,” explained Westin Biermann, another IU senior. “Just to have all these fans, and to be out here again, and have all this excitement, it’s totally different.”

All of these fans will be back for the men’s race on Saturday, which starts at 2 p.m.