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INDIANAPOLIS — There is good news for frustrated downtown commuters, the I-70 and I-65 north split shutdown is halfway complete with renovations, however this does mean there are still nine months left.

“Every day seems to be a little different. You get used to one thing, and then it changes,” says Deborah Cooney who lives within earshot of the construction. “All Summer it was the pounding of those pylons going in. I’m looking forward to it all going back to normal.”

The project is overhauling more than 40 bridges in total, and reworking the way the north split operates. Throughout the project numerous downtown streets have been closed. Currently New York Street and St. Clair Street are shut down. Those roads are expected to reopen by the middle to end of this month, but other streets may close after that.

Construction work doesn’t typically take place in the cold winter months, but the plan calls for crews to carry on in an effort to keep on track.

“We have mitigation efforts to protect these structures with heaters and thermal blankets, so if you see big cloth covering infields in there, that’s what it is protecting our brand new structures,” explains Mallory Duncan, spokesperson for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).

So far, the project remains on schedule, unless severe weather strikes. INDOT says logistical issues are keeping them from announcing the next set of roads that may be shut down. The best place to check out future road closures is here on the website for the shut down.

Commuters like Garrett Campbell are also tired of seeing semi trucks clog up the downtown streets. When he isn’t riding by car, Campbell takes a power bike through downtown.

“I try to use the streets, but the semis really scare me,” blurts out Campbell while shaking his head.

All semi trucks, that are not doing a local delivery downtown, are supposed to use I-465.

“We did add those new signs that say ‘Over 13 tons can not get on any sort of exit downtown,” explains Duncan.