Malls and delivery drivers are approaching their busiest season of the year as the holidays get nearer and nearer. But what will be in those cardboard boxes and shopping bags?

Purdue University Assistant Professor of Consumer Science Aaron Lawry is sharing what’s expected to be the most popular gifts for the holidays.

For adults, Lawry predicts items that will make coffee drinkers happy, as well as people who love the taste of fried food but don’t want the extra calories that come from cooking in oil.

“During the pandemic, people really got into like air fryers as well as pressure cookers. They’ll be popular items this season. So will Nespressos, which are automated espresso/coffee makers,” said Lawry.

If you’re shopping for kids, don’t be surprised to hear Squishmallows and the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball to be on your little one’s wish list.

“There’s one in particular, Carlee the Camel Squishmallow, that is predicted to be very hot this season,” Lawry remarked. “It’s likely to be one of those items that you have parents yelling at each other about trying to buy them in the store.”

Tech-savvy shoppers can look forward to a Nintendo Switch with an OLED screen and a Meta Quest VR headset.

You can also expect the new Peloton Rower to be a popular ask for the holidays.