INDIANAPOLIS — A circus-themed Halloween display has turned into a real-life carnival of crime for one Irvington homeowner, and he’s now modified his decorations to include a message to the thieves that stole his props.

Chris Ray has lived at his home on Webster Avenue for six years, and he’s enjoyed decorating nearly every Halloween.

“I grew up somewhat poor and always told myself I’d grow up to be the crazy guy that goes all out for Halloween, so I followed up on that dream.”

This year, Ray spent hours and hundreds of dollars setting up a creepy circus display with ticket booths, a popcorn machine, and plenty of clowns.

“The past few years people have been asking me if I’d get that 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot. But skeletons are kind of lame. We all have one,” he explained. “But this year Party City released a 12-foot clown. I love clowns, so I had to get it.”

Ray also placed some of his decorations on his neighbor’s property, including a Jack Skellington and a Beetlejuice figure.

But last week, someone took the figures off the neighbor’s front porch – even after one of them had been weighed down with bricks.

“The thieves [also] did try to steal two of my clowns in my yard but failed,” Ray added.

The neighbors filed a police report, and while Ray is hoping police can find the clownish culprits, he’s having a little fun at the thieves’ expense in the meantime.

He’s placed signs in his front yard with pointed messages at the Halloween grinches.

Ray said he’s also taken down most of his original display besides the ticket booth and an archway.

He hopes to return his creepy circus to its original gory glory for Halloween night. You can see more of the original decorations here.