Thief hit Habitat for Humanity store in Bloomington

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind.- A thief hits a central Indiana non-profit.  Habitat for Humanity in Bloomington is dealing with thousands of dollars in damages after someone stole the catalytic converters off their trucks.

Wednesday night, within 10 minutes both catalytic converters were gone.  

“They definitely knew who they were stealing from. They came onto our property, at our ReStore and stole from clearly marked vehicle,” said Wendi Goodlett, CEO of Habitat for Humanity in Monroe County.

The trucks were parked right outside of the Bloomington ReStore center.  It’s a store that sells donated items from people in the community.  Anything from furnishings to front doors.  The trucks are used every day to pick up bigger donations.

“Our revenue is impacted when we aren’t able to pick up donations. We had to make phone calls to all our donors for that day and the coming days to say we are not able to come pick up your donations,” said Goodlett.

All the money from ReStore goes towards building Habitat for Humanity homes in Monroe County. Goodlett wants the thief to know he didn’t steal from a store; he stole from deserving families.

 “The bigger picture, it is impacting our families directly because if we’re not able to bring those donations in, we aren’t able to sell those items and get that money to go into the houses,” said Goodlett.

Now both trucks are out of commission.  Repairs will be at least $5,000.

“Stressful times like this bring out the worst in people but the great thing is we’ve seen is it also brings out the best in people,” said Goodlett.

Social media shared what happened and it took less than a day for compassion to take over the crime.

 “When I saw that, I just knew immediately what I had to do,” said Jay Nelson, owner of RCV Roofing, Siding and Gutters.

Jay Nelson owns a local roofing company.  He’s worked with Habitat for Humanity in the past and offered to pay the repair bill.

“Knowing what they do for the community, immediately my thought was I had to help them out,” said Nelson.

This non-profit is grateful for the generosity.  Workers are ready to get back on the road and reminding the thief there really are good people out there.

“I would say next time reach out for help rather than trying to do damage to somebody else,” said Goodlett.

Habitat for Humanity does have security cameras but unfortunately the cameras didn’t capture the crime.

If you know anything that can help track down the thief, call the Bloomington Police Department at 812.339.4477.

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