Thief leaves behind a trail of selfies after stealing woman’s phone

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– An alleged cell phone thief left behind a trail of evidence, thanks to the cloud technology that’s linking two phones together.

Carrie Gomora’s Google account is allowing her to see everything the thief is uploading to the stolen phone. She left the phone in a shopping cart and went back to the store and it was gone. She got a new phone the next day and noticed pictures of unfamiliar teenagers in her photo album.

“I was in shock. I called my husband into the room like hey look, look I think I figured out who took my phone,” Gomora said.

She contacted police and even posted the up close selfie on her Facebook page. She says she’s not concerned about the phone but she wants the photos back of her newborn baby that didn’t transfer to the new phone.

Carrie couldn’t believe the new phone was still connected to her old device. We went to Cloud One in Fishers to learn more about how and why this happened. The company manages private cloud accounts for major corporations.

“The old phone, the pictures that were taken were sent to the cloud and kept in sync with the old phone. But when you get the new phone you sign into the same account what does it want to do? It wants to pull the pictures and other things back down to your new phone. So effectively you can have two phones that are replicating both of them to the storage place in the cloud,” Cloud One CEO John McDonald said.

Carrie says she just wants the young man who took her phone to think about the pain he’s caused.

“My only hope is that he would realize it probably wasn’t his best choice to take someone else phone. Those are my memories. Those are things that are special to me that I can never get back and they’ve been taken away and it hurts, it hurts to lose those.”

Gomora filed a police report and even reached out to the school she believes was in that picture. IMPD is investigating.

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