Thieves caught on camera stealing air conditioners from Indy church, daycare

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INDIANAPOLIS – A pair of thieves were caught on camera stealing from a church and daycare on Indy’s north side.

The suspects stole a pair of air conditioners at the building near 54th and Keystone during one of the hottest weeks of the year.

The air conditioners were stolen from the back of the church early Monday morning, but it wasn’t until the next day when the building started to heat up that anyone noticed the theft.

Luckily, a camera directly overhead showed the suspects in action.

The video shows one suspect cutting the power and getting a face full of freon.

“He was the guy who knew what to do, while the other guy waited in his vehicle,” explains pastor Albert Pope with Covenant Word Church.

The surveillance video shows after the first suspect cut the units free, he waved over a partner who helped carry the two stolen air conditioners to an SUV.

“It’s a shame someone would take something from the church like that. We’re here for the community,” said Pope.

Pope says it’s frustrating to see someone steal from the church and he isn’t alone.

“We’re serving our community and for people to take without thinking about who it is impacting, it was very hurtful,” said Talicia Williams.

Talicia Williams owns a daycare, The Love and Light Learning Academy, in the same building. The thieves disconnected her air conditioner, but ended up leaving it behind.

While crews were able to repair her unit, the heat of the last 24 hours made it difficult to care for her kids.

“Yesterday I was in tears watching my children sit and sweat. We couldn’t even learn. We had to cut the day short,” said Williams.

Unfortunately, the theft is the second time this year the same church has been targeted by crooks. In late February someone broke down the front door, before being scared away by the alarm.

Pastor Pope hopes all the suspects learn that crime doesn’t pay.

“It’s sad that someone would have no respect or honor for the church,” said Pope. “If you want good, you have to sow good seeds. If you sow bad seeds, you’ll reap a bad harvest. So I’m sure he’ll get his that’s for sure.”

As always anyone with information on the two suspects seen in the video can contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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