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GREENSBURG, Ind. (July 21, 2015)- Guilt got the best of two alleged car thieves. A couple of weeks ago, Kyle Moeller woke up and saw his car wasn’t in the driveway where he left it.

“I thought it was somebody I knew, a prank gone bad,” Moeller said.

Moeller realized it wasn’t a joke and ended up calling the Greensburg Police Department to report his Dodge Stratus stolen.

The next day Moeller’s car keys ended up in his mailbox and an apology note was left on his front lawn.

The Post-It note read “Cars at GECOM. Very sorry for the damage, -Anonymous”

“I’m glad they were nice enough to bring it back. I’ve never heard of a nice car thief but oh well, (I) have now,” said Moeller.

The suspects helped police track down the car.  It was less than a mile from Moeller’s home, exactly where the note said it was parked.  A tipster helped police track down the suspects.

“A resident came to the police department and gave us all the information to who did it,” said Capt. Bill Meyerrose with the Greensburg Police Department.

Police arrested a 16-year-old and 19-year-old Tyler Chaney.

“I believe the note was from the 16-year-old. I think he had some remorse about taking the car and I think he was the one who left the note,” explained Meyerrose.

Investigators said the teens ran into a sign and scratched the hood of Moeller’s car while they went on a joyride. The suspects are believed to be responsible for breaking into the press box at Greensburg High School and stealing items.

The keys and the note made it easy to find Moeller’s car. The apology made it easier to forgive.

“I’ve never heard of someone wanting to give the car back because they‘re bound to get caught in the end. I’m glad they were nice, I guess the justice system will have to work its way out,” said Moeller.

Both suspects are facing auto theft and burglary charges.