Thieves smash windows, grab valuables at daycares

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The Johnson County Sheriff’s department is looking for a suspect who smashed in a car window and stole a purse outside an Indiana daycare.

Surveillance video from the Goddard School in Greenwood shows a 2000 or 2005 Chevy Tahoe sitting in the back of its parking lot waiting for an unsuspecting victim. When a mother walks inside the daycare, the Tahoe turns its headlights on and pulls up next to her white SUV. The video then shows the suspect smashing the SUV’s passenger window and grabbing her purse. He then pulls away. The whole incident happens within a matter of seconds.

“I’m gonna guess he had a good idea because as he’s watching her take her child or whatever into that daycare, he knows what she’s got on her shoulder or in her hands. I think that’s why he sat in the back of that parking lot. He knew that she was going to be a victim,” said Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox.

The woman lost credit cards, gift cards, and her child’s birth certificate among other items.

The incident is not isolated, said Cox, and it’s going to happen again.

“This time of year these things tend to increase a little bit because of the holiday season,” said Cox. “We know of other incidents at this very same daycare. The times that we had crime at this daycare. They’ve also hit a daycare in Greenwood… so this is not anything new.”

He added that investigators struggle to find the thieves, because they get smarter.

“Bout the time we get smart and start sitting in these places, they choose to go to another community and commit these offense,” explained Cox. “Today they’re going to hit Johnson County, tomorrow it’s going to be Hamilton or Shelby or Morgan or one of the surrounding counties.”

He said people should never leave their valuables in their car, even if they think they can hide them.

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