Thieves steal 275 gallons of fuel from farmer

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FRANKLIN, Ind. – Detectives are searching for the thieves who stole more than $10,000 in fuel and equipment from a farmer.

Tuesday morning, Jim Williams called police when he discovered the lock on his barn was busted and a lot of his belongings were gone.

“I wish they’d just get a job and make their own money,” said Williams.

Williams told investigators an electronic device was cut out of one of his tractors and a stereo receiver was also stolen.

Apparently the thieves wanted more so they hit the fuel tanks outside the barn.

“Theft is theft, whether its $2 worth of fuel, or $200 worth of fuel, or $900 worth of fuel,” said Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox.

The thieves allegedly took off with 275 gallons of fuel, worth more than $600.  Sheriff Cox doesn’t think this crime happened all in one night.

“I’m going to guess that whoever was responsible for this felt pretty lucky after the first time, felt brave enough to go back a second or even a third time. So do I think this is two or three different groups? Absolutely not. This will be the same thief or thieves that came back on a couple different occasions,” said Sheriff Cox.

The thieves didn’t make as clean of a getaway as they may have thought.  Detectives found a big clue that could end up leading to the thieves.

“Hopefully the cigarette butt that was left by thief or thieves will be good for DNA.  We usually will always get good response back from the state police lab on DNA cases,” said Sheriff Cox.

Williams tells us he’s had other problems at his farm, but nothing as big as this.  He wants the thieves to get caught, but he refuses to let them slow him down from doing his job.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking and it kind of takes you down a little bit for a while but you just got to move on,” said Williams.

Detectives are following up on promising leads.  If you know anything that could help investigators, call the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.

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