Thieves steal truck and drive backward through garage door to escape

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A home break-in in Indianapolis brings new meaning to the term “smash and grab”.

This week thieves broke into a man’s garage, stole his truck and drove backward through the garage door on their way out.

The crime took place in a gated upscale neighborhood just north of Broad Ripple.

The victim believes the suspects broke into his garage through a side door.

“All these pieces were down on the ground,” said the victim Biagio Azzarelli describing the mess left behind.

His garage door still sits in a broken pile on the floor of his garage after being torn off the rails.

“It’s puzzling to me the whole thing. I don’t know why they would target the house when there were other cars parked outside,” said Azzarelli.

Biagio says he woke up around 4 in the morning on Thursday when he heard a loud noise, but he thought the collision was just Mother Nature.

“I thought it was thundering. I didn’t pay attention and thought weather was making the big noise,” said Azzarelli.

Of course it turned out, that noise was the crooks leaving his door a crumpled mess and stealing his truck.

The thieves also tried to steal a second car, driving backward into the other garage door and causing a dent, but that door didn’t break.

Biagio thinks there may be a reason the suspects drove down his door instead of hitting the open button.

“Maybe they got a little nervous because the garage door has a delay in opening.  Maybe they pressed it once and it didn’t open and they started panicking,” said Azzarelli.

Biagio says his stolen truck looks identical to this 2009 silver Toyota Tacoma, but will now have damage to the back end and the roof.

The upscale neighborhood has gates and security cameras, but didn’t get a good look at the suspects faces as they drove away.

Biagio just hopes the thieves are caught before they steal again.

“It gives you feeling of insecurity, because it’s so weird what they did,” said Azzarelli.

Anyone with information on the case of the stolen truck is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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