Thieves swipe thousands in electronics from home near Fountain Square

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A homeowner near Fountain Square is picking up the pieces after he says someone broke into his house and stole thousands of dollars in electronics.

“I think I’m a little paranoid. A little shook up,” said Brent Smith, whose home in the 2300 block of Prospect Street was burglarized this weekend.

Smith spent his Sunday afternoon cleaning up what thieves left behind.

“Never had really much trouble with anyone here,” he said.

But that changed this weekend.

Smith says he left home on Saturday night and returned Sunday afternoon. Once he arrived, things were not the same way he left them. His windows were open, and his side door was shattered to pieces.

“(They) kind of tore everything thing out of drawers. Moved a lot the furniture around checking for stuff behind furniture. Lifted up the couch cushions. Most of what was taken were a lot of my electronics, gaming systems, audio equipment,” said Smith.

That includes two flat-screen televisions. In total, Smith says the thieves stole nearly $20,000 in merchandise.

“The amount of things that were taken, they would’ve had to have like a large vehicle, so I imagine they just backed it up to the house,” said Smith.

Fortunately, there are multiple cameras surrounding the property along with lights that spring to life once motion is sensed. Unfortunately, Smith says the cameras aren’t working and the motion lights did nothing to scare off the crooks.

“They probably spent at least a couple of hours in there looking for stuff, I would imagine,” said Smith.

This hurts Smith personally because audio is his hobby along with being a paying side gig for him.

“Sentimental value, it’s taken me a long time to acquire that equipment, so it really sucks that it got stolen,” he said.

Smith says his neighbor heard the commotion, but didn’t think anything of it. He believes if the neighbor acted fast enough they could’ve caught the thieves in the act.

While it may be too late for him, Smith has some advice for other neighbors out there.

“If you hear a loud noise and someone’s next door, check up on it,” said Smith.

If you have any information about Smith’s crime, contact Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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