Thieves target 2-year-old’s grave for second straight year

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An Indiana mother says thieves have stolen Christmas decorations from her son’s grave for the second straight year.

“I just broke down and cried,” said Trisha McFalls, who showed Fox59 News her 2-year-old son Dusty’s gravesite.

McFalls has cried a lot since her son’s accidental death inside a New Castle home in March of 2011. Trisha said she and her other son take comfort in decorating Dusty’s gravesite in order to celebrate his life, but that feeling changed a few days ago when they noticed that a wooden snowman next to his gravestone had disappeared.

“I even wrote a personal message to him from me,” McFalls said. “To take that away from me, I honestly can’t even put it into words.”

For Trisha, the frustration is strangely familiar. Just a year ago, she experienced the same heartbreak. Thieves took some family Christmas ornaments from a small tree next to Dusty’s grave marker.

The ornaments were never returned, but Trisha said the community rallied around her family and helped raise money for the permanent headstone that now marks her son’s grave.

“I miss him, but it makes me smile because when I come out here I at least have something to look at,” McFalls said. “I can see his picture and that beautiful smile of his.”

But now, her smile and the healing fostered by the community has given way to heartbreak and tears triggered by a thief.

“You don’t have to hurt me doing this,” she said. “I’m already hurting and in pain as it is that he’s not with me. I don’t need someone coming out here and stealing from my child.”

McFalls said she is simply asking the person responsible to return her son’s decoration. Regardless, she said it won’t stop her from celebrating her son’s life.

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