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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind– A string of license plate thefts has some people paying a little closer attention to their cars.

About 10 plates have been reported missing over the last two evenings.

Lilly Dulworth’s car is her livelihood. It gets her to and from work.

“I’m very dependent on my vehicle,” said Dulworth.

That is why she panicked when her license plate went missing this week.

“My very first thought was that someone used my plate for something illegal and I would be caught up in something later,” said Dulworth.

The plates were taken off cars throughout Indianapolis and even Lawrence.  The thieves struck overnight.

“I’m shocked to hear there’s been that many in two nights,” said Heather Houpt.

Houpt is also a victim.

“I knew right then and there it was bad that somebody stole it. I needed to get it turned in and reported  in case something happened,” said Houpt.

“We check our tires all the time and we check our fluids all the time.  I suggest we check your plates that often too,” said Dulworth.

Leaders with the BMV suggest reporting your stolen license plate to police as soon as you notice it.  Also, you will be instructed to fill out an application for duplicate or replacement license plate form.  A fee will be applied for the replacement plates.