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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind.- Detectives are looking for the thieves targeting sheds in the Johnson County area.  Since the start of summer, nearly 20 sheds have been burglarized.  The majority of the victims are in Greenwood.

“Obviously they know what they’re doing,” said Mike Miller, a burglary victim.

Miller is out a push lawnmower,  but other homeowners are missing much more. The thieves have gotten away with lawn mowers, leaf blowers and tools.  So far, they have a running tab is close to $10,000.

Judy Kramrer was hit towards the beginning of the thieves’ spree. The suspects stole more than $4,000 worth of equipment out of her shed.

“My husband he walked outside and he saw the lock that was off and I’m not going to tell you what he said,” said Judy Kramer, a burglary victim.

Some of the sheds were left unlocked.  Even locked sheds didn’t stop the thieves, though.  They cut the locks and let themselves in.

“I have no idea what kind of people they are. Scum, I guess that would be a good word,” said Kramer.

Detectives believe they’re looking for 2-4 thieves, working as a group on this spree.  Several agencies have been investigating these crimes and even checking local pawn shops for stolen goods.

Police are reminding homeowners to install outdoor lighting to keep thieves away.  Always keep serial numbers of your valuable items.