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PLAINFIELD, Ind. (Jan. 4, 2016) – Monday was the first day back to school after winter break for students in Plainfield, but many parents kept their kids home due to continued threats on social media.

Many parents said their children who attend Plainfield High School and elementary and middle schools in Plainfield stayed home Monday after fears of violence happening. While Plainfield Community Schools did not release attendance numbers, many parents said the parking lots were “empty.”

One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said the most recent threats caused her to keep her daughter home from elementary school.

“When the threats began again and they were much more graphic, this time around, we decided it would be best if we kept her home,” the woman said.

Parents said their level of concern now lies with the police departments ability to handle the ongoing threats. Many have asked questions that are getting ignored. One mom said she has requested a public forum be held with the Plainfield Community Schools Superintendent. Their requests, as well as FOX59’s requests have gone unanswered. The school district is deferring questions to the FBI, who is still considered the lead agency.

“We understand that the community has questions. We, as the school, the town of plainfield, and the police department have given all the information that we are allowed to give on this investigation,” explained Plainfield Police Department Public Information Officer, Cpt. Jill Lees

Plainfield Police said they are continuing to investigate but are left with very little details they can release. Cpt. Jill said they cannot release specific information about security measures including how many police officers are inside and outside schools.

“We want to make sure that the person doing this gets caught and again, to reiterate, it is a very timely process and it could take six or eight months to solve this case because of it being a computer crime,” explained Cpt. Lees.

Parents said they wish the police department would be more forthcoming with information.

“They probably can’t put all the details out there and we’re okay with that, but we do feel as parents that we want more reassurance of what precautions are being taken,” said one parent.

The police department will continue to provide added security at schools until further notice.

“Security measures will be enforced and at some point, we are going to sit down to see if we need to lower the measures or reevaluate the situation,” said Cpt. Lees.

Students at Plainfield High School remain on a “no backpacks” rule.