Three armed suspects arrested for CVS pharmacy robbery, possibly connected to other crimes

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SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – Police arrested two men and a teenager in connection with an armed robbery at a Shelbyville pharmacy.

Wednesday morning around 3 o’clock, detectives say two masked, armed with guns barged into the CVS. The men wanted pills and they didn’t let employees stand in their way.

“They pushed one employee to the floor. She did end up with a possible concussion because of that. They then went to the back of the store and grabbed another employee and the pharmacist. They zip-tied all three of them,” said Brad Landwerlen, Shelby County Prosecutor.

The armed suspects forced the employees to hand over drugs and then they got away out the drive-thru window.

“There were threats such as, ‘if anyone opens the door, we are going to kill them and all of you. Don’t resist,’” said Landwerlen.

Once the thieves were gone, an employee called 911. Police say an officer was nearby and when he tried stopping the thieves they kept going.  A high-speed chase started at speeds over 100 mph.

“One of the items the robbers threw out as the police were chasing them was a 9mm handgun and it actually discharged when it hit the pavement,” said Landwerlen.

Police arrested Kevin Williamson Junior, Darryl Merriweather, and a 17-year-old. Investigators think the three could be responsible for nearly a dozen other robberies in central Indiana, mostly targeting pharmacies. According to court documents, detectives found pill bottles in the car among other clues.

“We found a robbery note, which they did not use in this one that says, ‘this is a robbery’ it tells them we know there is a 3-minute delay, get us these pills and nobody gets hurt,’” said Landwerlen.

Shelby County Prosecutor Brad Landwerlen is relieved these three are now off the streets.

“Frankly because that’s a double whammy you’re putting these drugs on the street people are dying from these drugs. People are getting addicted and dying from other things. People are doing crimes to maintain their addictions,” said Landwerlen.

Investigators recovered one of the two guns.

The suspects are facing a long list of charges including; robbery, conspiracy, confinement and resisting law enforcement.

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