Tight race continues in Indiana Senate contest

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- With seventeen days to go before the midterm elections, the candidates for U.S. senate here in Indiana are not letting up. Republican businessman and former state representative Mike Braun and his opponent, Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly, both spent Saturday shoring up votes in what’s become one of the most closely watched senate races in the country.

“As long as we keep pressing hard and through the finish line, we’re gonna [sic] win this thing,” said Braun at a campaign event Saturday morning.

Elsewhere, Donnelly was also hitting the trail.

“I had a chance to be here with about 50 or 60 volunteers, so it’s so inspiring,” said Donnelly.

At this point, a strong ground game could make the difference for either candidate. With millions of dollars pouring into the state from outside political action groups, this race has become one of the most expensive this year. Right now, the focus remains on voters who may still be undecided, despite the highly partisan nature of this race, with both candidates trying to make face-to-face connections with voters.

“I’ll be touring all over the state again today,” said Donnelly, “I’m heading to Terre Haute from here.”

Statistically, it’s a toss-up. According to a Gravis Marketing poll this week, 44 percent of likely voters back Donnelly, followed by 40 percent for Braun. But it’s a difference that’s still within the poll’s margin of error; too close for either candidate to slow down now.

“I feel great, you know we know we’re winning,” said Braun, “and that’s because we got a great message.”

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