Time stands still for families of Delphi victims 6 months after murders

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DELPHI, Ind. – They say time heals all wounds, but for the family of Abigail Williams and Liberty German that hasn’t exactly been true. It has now been six months since the lives of Libby and Abby were taken. And for their families, time has all but stood still.

“It’s not something that I get to log in and out of. I live it every minute of every day. It’s the first thing I think of in the morning, when  I walk down the hall and say good morning to her pictures there, and it’s the last thoughts on my mind at night,” said Libby German’s Grandfather Mike Patty.

For Patty, much of that pain comes from the fact the person responsible for taking his granddaughter’s life has still avoided justice.  Last month, investigators released a detailed sketch of the man they believe is the suspect they’re looking for, which has led to more tips pouring in. However, those tips have yet to lead to an arrest.

“He stole their life. He’s out their walking around, a supposedly free man. I’m not giving up. I’m not going to give up until this thing is solved,” Patty said.

Anna Williams, the mother of Abby Williams, says knowing her daughter’s killer is still loose has prevented her family from even beginning to truly grieve.

“I don’t know when we’ll be able to wake up and go OK now we can start just hurting. Because it’s a lot of things, it’s a combination of things,” she said.

Both Williams and Patty say they have nothing but the utmost faith investigators will bring the girls’ killer to justice. It’s that faith that they both say gets them out of bed in the morning and looking to each day with a sense of optimism that the person responsible will be caught.

“It’s kind of like your birthday’s coming up. You know it’s coming and you have special things you’re planning on doing and you get up with the intention that that’s what you’re doing today. And so we get up every morning with the intention being today is going to be the day, today might be the day. Let’s hope for today. Let’s pray for today,” Williams said.

There are at least three fundraisers in the girls’ name planned within the next month. Patty says for him, the purpose behind the events is more about awareness than anything.

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