Timeline unclear for pipe insulation repairs at Lucas Oil Stadium

lucas oil stadium
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By Zach Myers

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 1, 2014) – More than six years after the completion of Lucas Oil Stadium, city officials who operate the facility are still having to fix problems likely related to the stadium’s construction.

Ann Lathrop, president of the Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board (CIB), told our partners at the IndyStar that it will cost between $1.5 and $2 million to repair pipe insulation throughout the stadium. The insulation was either improperly installed, or “deteriorated prematurely.”

Stadium officials have been aware of the faulty pipe insulation for a couple years. While the pipes themselves are not compromised, the insulation around them needs to be replaced.

As part of a closeout agreement between the CIB and the Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority (ISCBA), the ISCBA will pay $1 million toward replacing the insulation. Any cost over $1 million will be split 50/50 between the ISCBA and the CIB.

John Klipsch, Executive Director of the ISCBA, told FOX59 he was pleased with the overall agreement, which includes paying for the pipe insulation repairs. The deal represents a settlement, keeping the situation from going to court.

Klipsch told the IndyStar the pipe insulation was among three major construction issues at Lucas Oil Stadium. The other issues were:

  • Flooding from roof drains that broke open during a rain storm weeks before the stadium opened in 2008.
  • Corrosion of pipes supplying water to restrooms, sinks and water fountains, which were replaced in 2011.

Klipsch said the building authority recovered, from bonding and insurance companies, $13.8 million out of at least $14.7 million for repairs of the three major issues. Any additional money will come from contingency funds in the original taxpayer financing of the stadium, he said.

While fans like Darryl G. Colbert believe the $720 million construction of Lucas Oil Stadium has been worth the investment, he was surprised to hear there are still parts of the stadium that need to be fixed.

“You would think a building of this magnitude, it would be taken care of initially when it was built,” Colbert said.

With the closeout agreement, the ISCBA is essentially done with its role concerning Lucas Oil Stadium. The CIB is operating and maintaining the building. The CIB will handle the repair and replacement of the pipe insulation.

Since the pipes run throughout the facility, the work will be extensive. It will also have to coincide with the stadium’s busy schedule. It has been reported that the full job could take several years to complete.

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